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A registration form is required for each child to participate in youth activities. You only need to fill this form out once for all activities throughout the year.

Life and Work of the Congregation

 Fri May 4, 9:30 - 11:00 am Play n' Learn
Sun May 6, 10:30 am Worship service,
Sunday School, Nursery 
- Refreshments and social time following
12:15 - 1:30 pm Confirmation Interviews: final class
Tues May 8, 9:30 am HP Presbytery meeting - Londesborough UC
7:00 - 9:00 pm Women's circle at Camp Bimini
Thurs May 10,12:00 pm High Noon Community Lunch: Music with Steve
 7:45 pm Choir Practice
Fri May 11, 9:30 - 11:00 am Play n' Learn

What are these flags flying outside the church?  They are Prayer Flags created at the Sunrise Service.

Have you heard of the tradition of the Tibetan prayer flags? The ancient practice, some say, goes back to the early days of the Buddhist tradition. Prayer flags are colorful square cloths carefully strung on twine. They are strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas. You will find them stretching, flapping in the wind. On each piece of cloth is a prayer. Some are for goodwill and good fortune, some are for peace and some for strength.

The belief is that as these prayers are blown by the wind, as they become frayed and tattered, the prayers bless the world. The wind carries the blessing into small villages and into bustling cities, into war-torn nations and to peaceful people. The wind carries a prayer of strength to that person mourning the death of a loved one. The breeze blows blessing into that home and over that newborn baby boy resting in the arms of his mother.

Our prayer flags are prayers from an Easter People for our community and world.

These flags will hang outside the church for a long time (perhaps months!).  We invite you to read them, pray them, watch them fray and watch and feel the prayers scatter around Tavistock.

No matter where these fluttering pieces of cloth are tied, it is the same Wind and the same Spirit that stirs them, bearing witness and broadcasting blessings.

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