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Life and Work of the Congregation

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Tavistock and Community Vacation Bible School (preschool to grade 6). August 13 – 17, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at Tavistock Mennonite Church. Please pre-register by Aug. 10th ( Registration form).Gr. 7 & 8 may register as junior leaders.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Evangelical United Brethren union with The United Church of Canada. The following is some important dates in the history of the church.



1890-1910            Conference Efforts to unite with The Methodist Church in Canada.

1925                       Consideration of Union with uniting churches in Canada.

1930                       Consideration of Union with the United Church of Canada.

1940          Joint Committee of 14 – prepared drafts of two alternative Plans of Union.  Issue tabled.

1946          Union of the Evangelical Church with the United Brethren in Christ to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church.


1962          General Conference action to seek a Plan of Union between the E.U.B. Church and the Methodist Church, USA.

                   Authority given to Conference in Canada to work out a union with any kindred denomination.

1963          Study of possibilities of Union with The Methodist Church, USA, or The United Church of Canada.

1964          Joint Committee of Twelve formed to work out a Plan of Union with The United Church of Canada.

1965          Consensus presented and approved.

1966          Preferential Vote taken in Conference favouring union with The United Church of Canada.

                   General Conference Votes favouring union with Methodists in USA and Europe, and with The United Church in Canada.

1967          Voting on General Conference actions by Annual Conferences

                   Canada Conference vote – 73.3%.

                   Decision to hold Adjourned session of the Canada Conference, October 10-12, 1967.



1968          Consummation of Union with The United Church of Canada in Jan. 1968.

                   Consummation of Union with The Methodist Church, USA April 1968.




Matthew 28:19 – “go and make disciples of all nations” –


1500s        Anabaptist roots - Menno Simons. 

Late 1700s           Methodist roots - John and Charles Wesley, George Whitfield.

1785          Jacob Albright – found hope and comfort in faith in

                   Jesus, started a revival movement – preaching the

                   Good News.    Birth of the Evangelical Church.

1860s        revival meetings in Port Elgin, Ontario attended by

                   Solomon Eby who was an elder of a Mennonite

                   congregation.  Attracted other Mennonite people as

                   well.  Folks wanted a tangible religious experience.

1883          several Anabaptist groups amalgamated to form the

                   United Mennonite Brethren in Christ.

1947          name changed to the United Missionary Church.

1969          merged with Missionary Church Association and

                   became the Missionary Church.

1946          Evangelical Church and United Brethren in Christ

                   amalgamated to become the EUB

1968          most Ontario EUB united with The United Church of

                   Canada in Jan. 1968.  The Northwestern Conference

                   remained EUB

1970          Evangelical Church in Canada was granted autonomy from USA.

1988          Missionary Church in Canada gained independence

                   from her sibling in USA.

1993          these 2 churches recognizing that combining their

                   strengths would be a benefit – combining the

                   Methodist roots – ‘power of Spirit’ and the Anabaptist

                   roots with their powerful missionary history. 

                   They formed a union and became the Evangelical

                   Missionary Church of Canada.


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